Amazon Research (Jun 18 – Sep 18)
I am joining an Amazon research team (internship) in Berlin for 3.5 months. 

3 papers out (May 18)
Title: A Nonconvex Projection Method for Robust PCA, joint work with Aritra Dutta and Peter Richtárik
Title: Accelerated Coordinate Descent with Arbitrary Sampling and Best Rates for Minibatches, joint work with Peter Richtárik
Title: SEGA: Variance Reduction via Gradient Sketching, joint work with Konstantin MishchenkoPeter Richtárik

Microsoft Research (Mar 18)
I am visiting Lin Xiao for a week. We are working on the following project: Accelerated Relative Gradient Descent

Informs conference on Optimization (Mar 18)
I am attending Informs Optimization conference (Denver, CO) chairing one session. Talk title: Randomized and Accelerated Algorithms for Minimizing Relatively Smooth Functions.

New paper out (Mar 18)
Title: Fastest Rates for Stochastic Mirror Descent, joint work with Peter Richtárik

New paper out (Feb 18)
Title: Accelerated Stochastic Matrix Inversion: General Theory and Speeding up BFGS Rules for Faster Second-Order Optimization, joint work with Robert Gower, Sebastian Stich and Peter Richtárik

Optimization and Big Data (Feb 18)
I am attending OBD conference, giving a short talk together with a poster presentation on the following topic: Randomized and Accelerated Algorithms for Minimizing Relatively Smooth Functions 

End of Semester (Dec 17)
I have passed KAUST qualifying exams, consisting of the following courses: Probability and Statistics, Numerical Linear Algebra and Partial Differential Equations

OMS conference (Dec 17)
I am attending Optimization Methods and Software conference on Cuba. I am co-organizing one minisymposium, and giving a talk on: Randomized and Accelerated Algorithms for Minimizing Relatively Smooth Functions 

Group Seminar (Sep 17 – Jun 18)
I am organizing a group seminar at KAUST jointly with Aritra Dutta and Peter Richtárik. 

KAUST (Sep 17 – ???)
I am joining KAUST. Officially I am starting a fresh PhD, practically I am transferring my PhD from University of Edinburgh.